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Nov. 21st, 2017

Hello Moon 🌙 🌚 🌝

When you came back, you were different.

Before you had someone somewhere to be, you traveled and saw the world, climbed mountains for fucksake...

Did you finally see the light?

Did you wrestle with your heart and did your mind rationalize the distance between the two?

Did you lie awake at night thinking of me and what we could be?

You staring at the same moon I am staring at and wondering what I see through my eyes?

I dream of us in places only we know.

Your being your everything is a magnet that centers me and destroys me at the same time.

I am going fucking mad because I want to have you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Keep looking at me like that and I won’t know the word no.

Feb. 6th, 2017


Salt & Shadow

This song:

The sky took its cue, every color and hue on display
Till thick veils of indigo signaled the end of the day
But each landscape that lies in the mirror of your eyes turns to grey

On the edge of a knife, it's like you're living your life on a stage
You're talking through glass, we're just square photographs on a page
Oh we're never alone but we're each in our own little cage

You're here but it's clear
You're just salt and shadow
Here but half a world away
You're here but you're merely a hologram
So near but still so far away

You manage to hide even here by my side where we lay
Here on this bed where I sense every thread start to fray
And I feel our skin touch but there's only so much it can say

You're here but it's clear
You're just salt and shadow
Here but half a world away
You're here but you're merely a hologram
So near but still so far away

You're here but it's clear
You're just salt and shadow
Here but half a world away.

Jul. 22nd, 2014



This movie kind of killed me:

I remember when my niece, Toni, was a newborn, I'd babysit her and sometimes she'd cry, like babies do. Nine times out of ten I could solve the problem, I could figure it out, but...sometimes when I'm walking along the street and a shaft of sunlight falls in a certain way across the pavement and I just want to cry. And a second later, it's over. And I decide, because I'm an adult, to not succumb to the momentary melancholy and I had that sometimes with Toni. She just had a moment like that. A moment of not knowing how, or why, and she just let herself go into it. And there was nothing anyone could do to make it any better -- it was just her, and the fact of being alive, colliding.

-Margot, Take This Waltz

Aug. 15th, 2009

Lose Control

What's your favorite quote or lyrics from a song?

Nov. 5th, 2007


Someone loves you somewhere and the light is fading--it's fading faster than you know. We're all going to explode like dying stars.

Oct. 21st, 2007

The Veins of Leaves

Times are hard and times are strange.


Can't seem to find a place to call my own. Everywhere I go I feel I don't belong, and I keep going through the motions like the trained robot I am.


My nerves are shot and my shoulders are sore.


I just want to sit in the sun and stay there until dusk. You want to know where I go, not far baby, it's all in my mind.


A car drives by that has something wrong with the muffler. I want to scream but no words come out.


Everyone downtown is dying on the inside. No one smiles. No one laughs— inanimate zombies in a trance.


I stand under trees in hopes to be enlightened. People talk and I don't want to listen. It's hard to fake like I care.


When the leaves begin to fall, I get sad on the inside. Something about life surging through the veins of leaves that makes me feel like we're all dying. When the leaves fall, I cry—beautiful, weightless, falling to the earth.


When the wind blows, I feel it shake the trees to the core. I would like to think the wind shakes the trees to remind them that they will breathe new life when winter dies, "You can renew yourself in the spring, old chap."


"Silly me," a tree says.


I remember walking home from class in college (that sounds weird to say) and thinking how I loved the fact that Charleston had trees that told stories. The air has a bite to it that makes you see things clearly...makes you understand why we are here...why we are alive.


What happens to your soul when you go? I want to think it lives on forever in the people you have met in your lifetime. I want to believe that things stay connected, interlocked and linked as one.


I miss everyone all the time. Even people I rarely talk to. If you have met me once, I already miss you. I want to sign all my letters and cards "With all my love" because I really mean it.


When Langston Hughes asked,What happens to a dream deferred?” I want to tell him that dreams explode they don’t dry up. Sometimes the heart gets too heavy with life that it bursts with regret. I want to lie and say I never regret but I’m filled with regret.


Teach the children of tomorrow not to lose sight of hope. Maybe if they believe it at a young age they will believe it forever. Who am I kidding?


I hate stepping on city grates on city sidewalks. I always feel like I’m going to fall through. Someday you will too. You’ll learn to be paranoid just like me.


Wrap me up in down comforters and pet my head. Tell me things will be all right in the end. Tell me to embrace. Tell me…tell me…tell me over and over again.


Tell me…

Sep. 8th, 2007

What Do You Have To Say? - Writing: Makes Me A Better Writer

What's been your biggest influence in making you a better writer?
Reading and exposing yourself to different types of writing styles. Constantly, keep reading whether it's a magazine or book. See what's out there--expose yourself to everything.

Jul. 4th, 2007

Sunrises with Mae

Something like the way birds sing in the morning, and when the sun rises up slowly into the sky. The way the light touches everything like the way my grandmother used to touch my hand. The faintest touch rejuvenated me, and I felt that deep down everything was going to be okay. The sun rejuvenates the earth each and every day. Plants and grass glisten with the dew, and for a second I can feel calmness all around me. I feel good to be alive, and I am thankful to be walking and breathing. I miss watching sunrises more than you know.

I miss you.

Apr. 24th, 2007

Mr. Sprinkles! NSFW

http://acceptable.tv/videos/246-Mr-Sprinkles (Part 1)

http://acceptable.tv/videos/776-Mr-Sprinkles-2 (Part 2)

http://acceptable.tv/videos/1149-Mr-Sprinkles-3 (Part 3)

http://acceptable.tv/videos/1371-Mr-Sprinkles-4 (Part 4) Look for the generic Charlie Brown in the background!

http://acceptable.tv/contest/tv/videos/1546-Mr-Sprinkles-5 (Part 5)

Jan. 23rd, 2007


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