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Murder By Death - "Canyon Inn Room 16"

Your hourglass shape in the light
half covered in cloth
the rest untouched
thinking I don't feel like
being a sentimentalist today
and whispering wake up, wake up
the rain is slowing
touching a hand to a head
the static of the radio humming
someone humming something pretty
off where the antenna
just can't reach.

This song is amazing. I played it over and over and over...


i really like your posts and it also makes my face hurt when i see you replied to one of mine (from smiling of course) none the less you are cute and by cute i mean fucking smoking.
Thanks, but those weren't even my own words!

And I'm only smoking when I light up a cigarette! hahaha
ha ha me too usa gold lights and yes you are quite good looking

my boyfriend introduced me to murder by death. i'd never heard of them before, but they are really unique goodness!
Yeah, they really have a different sound than a lot of stuff out there.



You're the hottie ;-)