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Fireworks and Explosions

I keep hearing a voice inside of my head that says, "Time of your life kid," and some amazing instrumental music is playing softly.
And I imagine for a second that I can't come down. That it could be like this forever, but I wonder how long it all lasts, really.
A memory can last forever as long as you remember it. Where does it go when you forget? Is it placed with dreams and summer nights? For every lightning bug that glows, a memory returned?
Fourth of July is probably my favorite holiday. I always say Christmas is, but to be honest here, I dislike the whole gift giving thing--the look on people's faces or the look on mine.
Fourth of July is not phony. Things blow up and shine and die out as soon as they are lit. Our country's birthday is celebrated by bright lights and shiny faces. There's something romantic about the eerie glow of fireworks, the arrangement of beauty in the sky, and the explosion of excitement that make me feel WHOLE.
Does that make sense?
I still have that childlike wonder when I look at fireworks. I still look with the same eyes. I still smile. I still remember.
Happy 4th guys and gals.
Don't forget to remember.